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Why DCKickball


• Playing around at the park when you were a kid?
• Playing kickball during recess?

When you got to college…

• Playing drinking games?
• Playing flipcup?
• Playing beer pong?

Now imagine those two worlds colliding and what do would have?

The answer: DCKickball

Why join DCKickball? Let’s break it down..


DCKickball is hands down the EASIEST and MOST FUN way to meet new people and make new friends in DC. Put hundreds of young professionals together to play a silly child’s game, party at a sponsor bar afterwards, throw in some drinking games and BAM! With over 50,000 DCKickball players since 2004, you’ll have to try really hard to NOT make friends!


* DCKickball is just plain FUN. It’s an easy, ludicrous game that harks back to our childhood days! Haven’t played kickball since elementary school? PERFECT! You’ll fit right in! 🙂

* DCKickball is an awesome game for EVERYONE. DCKickball is less competitive than those other sports leagues and focuses more on the social side of the “sport”. The age range is from 21 to mid 30’s, with most players between 23 and 31. About 60% of DCKickballers are women.

* DCKickball is MORE than just playing kickball. We play ball for 45 minutes and then head to the bar for 2, 3, 4+ hours afterward to play flipcup and other debaucherous bar games. Suck at kickball? Make up for it at flipcup! 😉

* DCKickball is also MORE than just game nights. We have multiple parties throughout the season – including an End of Season Party BLOWOUT – as well as other league-wide socials and mixers like Flip Cup Tournaments, booze cruises, tailgates, sporting events, bus trips to go tubing, skiing, wine festivals, the list goes on! Have an idea for a fun event? Let us know!

* DCKickball gives BACK. We owe a large part of our growth and success to the local community and we love giving back as much as possible by donating food, clothing, money, volunteers to many of the local charities in the city and our Non-profit the Social Sports Foundation. Feel good by doing good!

* DCKickball is YOU. We offer the opportunity for you to get more involved in DCKickball to help make the experience even more fun for your fellow kickballers.

* We plan on being around for a long time! We first started off back in 2004 with just a handful of teams. Since 2004, we have had over 50,000 players and thousands of teams. We MUST be doing something right! 😀

If you want to learn more, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page!