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Spirit Week Voting is Here!



Spirit week posting has finally arrived. Voting is now open and the prizes are up for grabs! 

Because a few sports decided to sit this one out we tweaked the structure just a tiny bit. We are still giving out the same prizes and voting tabulation will still be the same. IE. The total votes a photo receives will be divided by number of roster players to determine their rank and Players Choice winners and the same calculation will be used to determine who is eligible for the Critics Choice (top 50% of submissions).

The one change we did make is that voting has been combined into just one round (down from two) since we did not have entries from every sport :(. Other than that Voting is NOW OPEN and will remain open until Noon on Tuesday the 10th!

If you forget what our awesome prizes where here’s the run down…

Grand Prize – Players & Critics Choice – A joint $500 private tab party at a USS sponsor bar. Meet the other team, have a blast, its what we are all about!

2nd Place – Players & Critics Choice – $20 worth of player credits added to each players profile.

Sport All Stars – *Top Players & Critics choice from each sport win a custom USS Spirit Week Champion Tee


Now get out and vote and don’t forget to get your friends to vote too. (share often for best results)

Click below to vote!


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