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Flip Cup

Here in lies the rules to the right honourable game of Flip Cup. As a great equalizer it is important said game have rules to provide for a fun, fair, and consistent game of play.

Rule #1

Be nice. This is a game of gentlemen and kind ladies. It is not an exact science, no matter how good you think you are at it. While you are free to tell off your own teammates for failure to flip their cup or drink fast enough, you are not free to tell your opponents to f@ck off. Failure to follow this rule will result in your developing a bad reputation and a universal hatred of your team. Excessive violation of this rule may result in serious sanctions against an individual and/or his or her team.

Rule #2

The number of players per team shall be limited to 8 at a time. While many teams are able to produce massive squads, others are not and should not be summarily left out of the joys of flip cup. Even if two massive squads wish to compete it shall not be permitted because such games take forever and deny other teams the opportunity to play. As will often be the case, if you have more than 8 people wishing to partake then you will have to rotate players in and out. Should a team wish to play but have less than 8 players they are free to cannibalize players from other DCK teams. Only DCK players are permitted to play in official DCK flip cup games. If all else fails, find your nearest DCK Board Member. We are contractually obligated to play on command. Not really, but we like to think we are.

Rule #3

Games shall be limited to first to 5 (that’s TO, not OF) wins. This is to permit for time for others to play and to make at least a vague attempt to prevent people from actually expiring from alcohol poisoning at the table or outside the bar. Worry not, the faster the game, the faster you can get back on the table if you lose.

Rule #4

Rematches can only be played after every team at the bar has had an opportunity to play. After all teams who want an opportunity to play have played, rematches can then occur.

Rule #5

Delay of game can be called if a team takes more than 3 minutes to match up and begin the next round. This rule should be enforced loosely and only when a team takes an egregious amount of time to prepare in between rounds due to too much talking, etc. Hit on her after you’re done with your game, guys.

Rule #6

Game play shall go as follows: Opposing teams will begin each round within a game by matching up. This is by holding your cup to your opponent’s cup directly across the table. The starting people on each team then begin by cheers’ing each other, tapping their cups on the table, and then commencing with the drinking and flipping. Cheers, Down, Drink, as the kids say. Flip cup is a relay race and so the next person in line drinks and so on until the end of the table is reached. “Down and Back” is forbidden in DCK flip cup for the obvious reasons of too much time, etc. The next round is started by the next two people in line and moves down accordingly with each round.

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