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Why DCKickball?


  • Playing around at the park when you were a kid?
  • Playing flash light tag?
  • Playing kickball during recess?

When you got to college…

  • Playing quarters?
  • Playing flip cup?
  • Playing beer pong?

Now imagine those two worlds, separated by time, coming together….what would have?

The answer: DCKickball

Why DCKickball? This is a question that comes up all the time, and funny enough, I don’t have a well thought-out response. Because it kicks ass, duh! Yeah, that’s no good.

Seriously, it is a great question. So, let’s break it down:

1. Kickball is an awesome game for everyone

DCKickball overall is less competitive, but more focused on fun and social activities than other sports leagues. This makes us a great league for anyone to try. Whether you’re an athlete or you only excel at drinking, DCKickball is the league for you.

And we have a diverse group involved. The age range is from 21 to 40, with most players being between 24 and 29. A little more than half of our players are women.

Kickball in general is a great equalizer. You haven’t been playing for the last 15 years on select teams that travel the country and you probably didn’t play in high school or college. Anyone can learn to catch and kick that red rubber ball.

2. DCKickball is more than just kickball

So we play kickball for 45 minutes and then we go to the bar for 4 hours. We are social people and getting to know new people is one of the greatest reasons to join kickball. Whether you’re playing flip cup (where often opponents will introduce themselves pre-flip) or just hanging out with your team, you’re bound to make friends. And we have at least 3 parties throughout the season too – Pre-Season, Mid-Season, and End-of-Season. Each division usually holds a flipcup tournament too.  Not to mention tons of DCKickball league-wide socials and mixers like a booze cruise, tailgates at DC United games, Nationals baseball games and tubing trips.  With over 4,000 DCKickballers in 2009 alone, you’re bound to make tons of new friends throughout the kickball season!

Maybe you’ll find your next best friend, roommate or significant other!  More than a few handful of marriages have come blossomed out of DCKickball!

3. DCKickball is you!

We offer the opportunity for you to get more involved in kickball (and possibly meet more people as well). DCKickball relies on its players to volunteer to run the board and ref the games. The board members are the ones that make all of the major decisions (such as dates and venues) about how to spend the social budget. As well, the board picks and works with a charity throughout the season. In the past, we raised $4,000 for our charity in a single season. But being on the board isn’t the only way to volunteer; another option is reffing. As a ref, you get to meet people on other teams and watch more kickball games. The really nice teams will buy you a beer at the bar as a thank you. Who doesn’t like free beer?

DCKickball needs its volunteers, but this affords you the opportunity to really shape your division and the kind of experience you wish to have.

4. We plan on being around a long time

DCKickball has enjoyed incredible support since opening up shop in the Spring of 2005. Our past and current sponsors are world-class (Miller, Budweiser, Coors, Grand Central, McFadden’s, The Exchange, Front Page, Porter’s, etc) and our players (past and present) are an amazing cross-section of the coolest and most fun people in the DC Metro area.

DCKickball’s mission is to provide the best, overall kickball experience in Washington, DC. This means fun games, great happy hours, and amazing parties. Moreover, we plan on doing this and growing as a league in a sustainable way. After all, the bigger the league, the more people who play, the more opportunities there are to do really cool stuff.