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GLOW Kickball Rules

Any rule or situation not expressly defined here will default to our usual DC Fray Kickball rules. At the end of the day, these calls will be made by the head ref. Whatever their call is, it stands, so don’t be a “rule nazi”.

Since Glow Kickball will be played in the DARK, the typical DC Fray Kickball rules will be changed to put more of an emphasis on FUN and SAFETY. This will NOT be competitive league and we encourage all of our players to look out for each other, including those on the opposing team.

– There are 5 innings
– Games CAN end in a tie (it happens)
– There are 11 players max in the field (minimum of 6 – 3 guys, 3 girls)

– All pitches MUST be thrown underhand and at a “reasonable” speed. Reasonable is obviously subjective but if you have to question it, then it’s probably too fast. This is a SOCIAL laid-back league that plays in the DARK, so fast lightening pitches are NOT allowed.
– Strike zone is a foot on either side of the plate (yup, it’s a big stike zone)
– Strikes are SEPARATE counts from fouls
– 2 strikes is an out
– 2 fouls is an out
– 2 balls is a walk

– Walking or running up to kick the ball is NOT allowed. You must begin and end in a stationary spot behind home plate to kick the ball. Additionally, full kicks are NOT allowed. We field tested over a dozen glow-in-the-dark balls and will be using a soccer ball which kickers can kick over 50 yards. We are playing in the dark and do NOT want the balls flying far distances – this can lead to injury for kickers, fielders and any by-standers. Remember, we are playing in the DARK.
– –Bunting is NOT allowed
Fielders must throw the ball with BOTH hands. The ball we’ll be playing with is smaller and harder than the normal kickball. We don’t want fielders winding and blasting the balls at players in the dark. This is to protect both runners AND your fellow fielders. Runners don’t want to get blasted with a soccer ball and your other fielders don’t want to catch a speeding ball in dark. Balls can still be thrown at base runners to get them out, but again, the ball must be thrown with both hands and PLEASE be mindful not to blast the balls.
– There is no leading off bases or stealing.

That’s it!  But also, never forget the most important rule of DC Fray Kickball:-)

Rule #0: DON’T BE A D-BAG!

The first and foremost rule of the game is to have FUN. If you are hoping to recapture your athletic glories from the past, this is NOT the kickball league for you. DC Fray Kickball is all about playing a silly kid’s game, having fun and meeting new people. Absolutely no whining will be tolerated during the course of a game. The only players allowed to communicate with the referees are the captain and co-captain. Any abuse (verbal or otherwise) of the referees or other players will constitute an immediate ejection from the game. Repeated offenders will be banned from the league. No exceptions. Have FUN and be SAFE out there in the dark and be NICE to your fellow players!

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