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Status:  Closed 
Day(s):  Thur 
Area(s):  DC 
Seasons:  Spring 
Level:  Coed Social 
Year:  2013 
Registration Price: $65.00
Start Date: 2013-04-18
Field Location: National Mall  

You're about to sign up for the CAPITAL THURSDAY Division of DCKickball. The season kicks off on April 11th and includes 7 weeks of regular season games, a rain makeup day if needed and 2 weeks of playoffs! (If more than one rain cancellation occurs, flip cup scores at the bar will substitute for kickball scores) Games are at 6:30 and 7:15. Your team only plays once per night. Fields are located on the Smithsonian side of the National Mall between the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument, roughly 14th and Constitution NW. The after party is at Penn Social where we'll party, dance, drink and play lots and lots and lots of flip cup! Before you sign up, PLEASE READ OUR FAQs PAGE: http://www.dckickball.org/faq/

Registered Teams & Stats: